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The digitale Car-System - Digital Controlled-Car since 2005 (c)1/2024

  • Easier than most other car systems       * gradually expandable       * from a vehicle automatic to PC control

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One car is driving alone
with DC-Car automatic

Bus automatic

Fire engines automatic
Only by DC-Car
Convoy from Firetrucks

Convoy automatic

Easy to beginn or
integrate in
your Car-System.
Video Magnetstop
Video Busstop

Two DC-Cars are driving
without crossing an junction
without extern control
At the outer side drives
the next two DC-Cars

basics the

Easy to begin or
integrate in
your Car-System.

Video Distanccontrol

Several DC cars drive across
crossings and junctions.
automatic controlled

Light controlled

Function module

To expand small and large
model railway systems
Video Functionmodul

Several DC cars drive across
crossings and junctions.
User controlled
Light controlled

short IR_transmitter

Affordable solution
for the entry
Video Progset

Several vehicles At crossroads and junctions
Through a digital center and
PC-controlled automatically


With this complicated
processes can be realized
Video Booster

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